Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drink brand with a rich heritage. It was first formulated in 1885 from 23 fruit flavours and the unique, bold taste has been popular ever since. Hailing from Wako Texas, it is the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ.

Key Facts

  • 01

    Formulated from 23 fruit flavours. (1)

  • 02

    Dr Pepper holds a 19.5% share of the soft drinks market. (2)

  • 03

    Regular Dr Pepper is soft drinks tax-exempt and is also available in a zero-calorie variant. (1)

Key Insights

Source: (1) http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/drinks/dr-pepper/dr-pepper (2) (Based on instant consumption) Nielsen Total Impulse MAT to 7.10.17 (3) Kantar MAT to 05.11.17 (4) Nielsen Scan Track, Total Impulse 2017

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