In light of the current challenges we have a responsibility to make sure we adapt and put into action steps that will help accelerate recovery.

Below you will find links to further information and resources that may be of help. For any queries please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team on 0808 1 000 000 or email

Coca-Cola Products – Changes to Normal Shelf Life

COVID-19 – Bag In box

In line with our strategy (shown below), we continue to supply products so that our customers can keep their stores stocked during this challenging time. In order to support this strategy, we have extended the shelf life of BIB SKU’s by 60 days through refrigeration. Please be assured that this refrigeration process does not impact the quality of the product, however it is imperative that you use the BIB within the extended shelf life time period. Please note that no special storage requirement is needed.

When you receive the BIBs they will have new labels applied over the existing BBE date. The label will look similar to the following:

COVID-19 – Glass Range

For customers that order directly from CCEP up until the end of September, we will be in a position to guarantee 12 weeks of remaining shelf life on our glass range.  Our ambition is to return to normal as soon as possible; the short term changes are driven by the impact of Covid -19 on our own supply chain.

Our reps…

If you usually see a representative from CCEP then our field sales reps will be returning to visiting your outlet to help you grow your soft drink sales. They will be supplied with relevant PPE to protect you and them.

Keep your customers informed with our tools and resources…

Don’t forget, in our Tools & Resources section you can download graphics for your social media feeds, get video content for your digital screens, find guidance on how to serve the perfect Coca-Cola, download brand icons to use in your menus and request printed point of sale kits to use in your outlet. Click below to see what’s available.



We appreciate this continues to be a challenging time for many of our customers and want to reassure you that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues while maintaining our usual high standard of service. Our drinks are made locally in our five factories in GB and, in line with the UK Government’s guidance, we continue to supply products so that our customers can keep their stores stocked. We continue to work closely with our suppliers to minimise the risk of any disruption in production and will do all we can to support your businesses as we work together.