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Customers are increasingly using digital platforms to make online food delivery purchases, with over half of takeaway orders now being made online. Offering your restaurant's products to customers at home via apps such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats can drive more sales in your outlet.

Customers are now more online-focused than ever, with many preferring the convenience and speed of ordering online and receiving a delivery service to their home, rather than going into a shop to collect their order.

of UK takeaways are selling on app(1)

of takeaway orders are now made online(1)

of 16 - 34 year-olds order food via an app at least once a week (2)

Source: (1) British Takeaway Campaign 2019 (2) Online Aggregator Trends, CREST Data/The NPD Group: YE Mar 19

How To Get Involved

There are multiple food delivery services that will help your outlet's online offering, from processing your orders to delivering food for your business.

Select any of the below options to find out more about what they can offer your outlet and how you can sign up.

Useful Tips

We've got some great tips to help you maximise your soft drinks sales with online delivery platforms.

Product Range

Online Delivery has opened up a huge variety of food types and customers are keen to see more variety in their drinks menu too. Make sure you're offering a range of product that customers may not already have in their fridge.

Meal Bundle

Think about the key occasions when customers may want to order food online and then activate bundles that cater to those moments. These occasions can range from big group orders, quick meal deal lunches, special family meals and late-night gaming fixes.


Although the price will always be key to customers, they look for value for money when ordering online. Make sure your online pricing matches your in-store pricing. Coca-Cola will run regular promotions throughout the year that you can benefit from.


Customers want to know exactly what they're ordering online. You don't want to disappoint them by delivering something they weren't expecting. Add correct product names, product information pack size and type to your menu to make it easier for your customers to make their choice.

Tools & Resources

Providing great quality products in your outlet will give you greater exposure in your local area. Discover our guides to maximize your digital presence with useful tips to suit your business needs.

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